22nd International Scientific Conference Mittweida


October 24-25, 2012

Laser Technologies/Photonics

  • High Rate Laser Machining

  • Micro and Nano Laser Technologies

  • Laser-assisted Layer Deposition

  • Generation and Application of Diffractive Optical Elements

  • Simulation of Beam Propagation and Laser Processing 

  • Fiber Lasers and Applications


Efficiency-oriented Process Development

  • Digital and Virtual Engineering for Manufacturing of Parts and Assembly

  • Energy-efficient Production Processes

  • Human as Innovator, Industrial Engineering

  • Quality Management and Metrology


Component Testing/Fracture Mechanics

  • Fatigue Strength, Service Strength of Structures

  • Component Testing

  • Failure Assesment of Structures, Fracture Mechanics

  • Case of Damage


Metal Forming

  • Issues of Material in Metal Forming

  • Simulation of Metal Forming Processes

 Design and Calculation

  • Finite Element Analysis

  • Simulation and Calculation

  • Light-Weight Design

  • Mechanisms Theory


Noise Abatement and Noise Effects

  • Low-noise Products and Noise Reduction

  • Effect of Noise on Human

  • Annoyance and Sound Quality