Jahr 2000

Internationale Wissenschaftliche Konferenz Mittweida

The Hochschule Mittweida University of Applied Sciences invites you to take part in the 14th International Scientific Conference Mittweida (IWKM 2000) in November 2000. In keeping with the tradition established at previous conferences in about 25 years, this conference is organized bi-annually and we are confident that the issues to be communicated in a widely spreaded range of scientific activities will once again convey multimedia technology, business and economy, applied research projects in engineering technologies, environment and bio-technology and network and digital broadcasting communication technologies moreover recognition and action in engineering professions as well to the participants.The 14th International Scientific Conference Mittweida will be a forum and a marketplace for the exchange of recent results in research and development, industrial requirements and innovative products. It is focused on nowadays developing and proceeding the multimedia chances for the future and furthermore the advances in communication and information technology.

The conference is open to offer products and services to an international audience, to participate in an economy forum and in workshops on special fields of R&D.Most of colleagues, which took part in earlier conferences, requested to continue the scope of the conference in the variety of topics comparable with the research profile of the University of Applied Sciences and the cooperating partners. Focussing on these premises, this conference will be of interest to researchers and business men from companies, institutions and universities. On the behalf of the Program Committee I would like to wish you a successful conference – and enjoy Mittweida and Saxony!

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. W. Totzauer




  • Symposium 10 Jahre Biokinetische Medizintechnik an der Hochschule Mittweida  27./28. September 2000